Print media’s unauthorized use of photographs

11 10 2008

I came across a very interesting article on livemint that talks about newspaper publications picking up photographs from blogs and publishing them without authorization from the rightful owner. The media uses these photographs without taking the rightful permission of the owner’s and neither are they given any due credit or royalty or compensation for the same.

One example quoted was that of a blogger, with excerpts from the article published below :

On a February morning, Srinidhi Hande went out to the Marina Beach in Chennai for a group run. He ran a little, and then he took some photos for his blog, including one of a parked police car. On 26 September, Hande saw that photo again—published without credit in the local edition of The Times of India. “I was reading the newspaper, and it looked familiar,” Hande says. “Then I realized it was my image. It matched, pixel for pixel.”

Hande’s photo isn’t difficult to find; it’s the first one that Google Images returns for the words “Chennai police car”.
Dilip Muralidaran, a blogger has taken this act of the media very hardly and has started his own blog “Indian Press Are Thieves”, where he has started documenting instances of plagiarism by the media. He has also started copyright consciousness workshops and Hande is launching an online petition and would embed all his future photographs.
I would be shortly discussing the legal aspects and ramifications of these acts in another article.


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