Co-Website Operator Gets 47 USC 230 Defense–Best Western v. Furber

13 10 2008

By Eric Goldman

Best Western International, Inc. v. Furber, 2008 WL 4182827 (D. Ariz. Sept. 5, 2008). The CMLP page.

In my Co-Blogging paper, I wrote about my uncertainty whether co-bloggers would be able to claim 47 USC 230 for the content/actions of their co-bloggers. This case hardly resolves the issue, but the court does grant 230 dismissals to co-website operators for all posts they did not author.

Three defendants claim 230. Furber is one of the website operators. There are three alleged facts at issue:

* Furber “created the website homepage to solicit content from others”
* he publicly posted emails he received from others
* he “created and posted a “Site Master Notice Post” stating that some posts were being moved to an alternative website”


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