This week in review … TK digital library to be created in India

4 11 2008

Quality control is the key of Ayush expansion

Indian Ministry of Health and Family Welfare press release, 31 October 2008

NEW DELHI, INDIA: With the growing interest both globally and nationally in traditional medicine, the Indian government has renewed its commitment for quality control in traditional medicines. Ministry official Anita Das also emphasized the need for documentation of traditional knowledge to avoid misappropriation by foreign companies. In this regard, in the framework of a project for a TK digital library, about 200,000 manuscripts are being transcribed into digital format. Documents already released include 11 book series on Ayurveda and Siddha, 13 Siddha books translated into Tamil, three books on Homoeopathy and compilations on Yoga and Unani. The results of the TK digital library will be presented at the next plenary of WIPO. Read the article …



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