Microsoft on patents: getting it right!

14 11 2008

Via Slashdot and El Reg

It seems Microsoft engineering not only understand software patents, but speak for us all. As evidenced in Eric Brechner’s blog (emphasis mine):

When using existing libraries, services, tools, and methods from outside Microsoft, we must be respectful of licenses, copyrights, and patents. Generally, you want to carefully research licenses and copyrights (your contact in Legal and Corporate Affairs can help), and never search, view, or speculate about patents. I was confused by this guidance till I wrote and reviewed one of my own patents. The legal claims section — the only section that counts — was indecipherable by anyone but a patent attorney. Ignorance is bliss and strongly recommended when it comes to patents.

He can’t decipher his own patent!

Thank you Microsoft for saying what we (techies) all know. Patents serve noone but the pirates who prey on innovators!



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