RIAA seeks sanctions against Harvard Law School prof

26 01 2009

companion photo for RIAA seeks sanctions against Harvard Law School prof

The Joel Tenenbaum file-swapping case continues to get weirder–and we’re still months away from an actual trial. Not only has the RIAA now appealed the judge’s order allowing one particular hearing to be webcast, but music industry lawyers are now seeking sanctions on Tenenbaum’s lawyer, Harvard Law professor Charles Nesson.

The webcasting issue is perhaps the oddest; the RIAA appears to believe that broadcasting pretrial hearings will influence the potential jury pool for the trial. Although the judge called the group’s arguments “specious” when she rejected them, music industry lawyers have now appealed the ruling to the First Circuit Court of Appeals. The First Circuit then agreed to consider the appeal, delaying this week’s expected hearing until sometime in February.



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