Hypocrisy or necessity? RIAA continues filing lawsuits

9 03 2009

When the music labels unearth a file-sharer to prosecute, they apply the thumbscrews gently at first. The accused infringer receives a letter asking him or her to settle, usually for ,000 to ,000. That’s a lot, but those who don’t settle face much worse.

Now, exposing oneself to certain kinds of new music might actually be worth that outrageous fee, but the people that the RIAA fingers generally turn out to have truly execrable taste in music—or perhaps the lawyers simply pluck out horrible songs on purpose to make the legal process as embarrassing as possible.

Case in point: Shaun Adams, a resident of Nebraska, who has just been named in a file-sharing lawsuit filed in an Omaha federal court this week. Adams is accused of sharing nine songs, including “I Want Action” by 80s hair-metal band Poison, “Drug Ballad” by Eminem, and “I’m Real” from an album that someone actually had the temerity to call J To Tha L-O!: The Remixes. (And the less said about the song “Thuggish Ruggish Bone” the better.)

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