Perez Hilton Wins IP Lawsuit–Silver v. Lavandeira

18 03 2009

By Eric Goldman

Silver v. Lavandeira, 2009 WL 513031 (S.D.N.Y. Feb. 26, 2009). The CMLP page.

I’ve lost track of Perez Hilton’s multitudinous lawsuits, but in this case he gets a nice win. Silver is a rival blogger at “” I’m not exactly sure how this site improves upon other celebrity gossip sites, but it claims to be different. Silver brought a pro se lawsuit against Perez for copyright infringement and related claims. (Perez fired back with Lavandeira v. Infuse, LLC, a cybersquatting and trademark lawsuit). In the most recent ruling, the district court accepts the magistrate report rejecting all of Silver’s claims.


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