AT&T tests RIAA P2P program, but refuses to sanction users

25 03 2009

The RIAA announced late last year that it was moving away from mass lawsuits and towards a set of “graduated response” agreements with US Internet providers. None of the ISPs involved in those talks sounded proud of the fact, though—only Verizon would go on record to tell us that it was not participating. So what happened to the program?

The RIAA tells us that it’s going ahead, and that the group continues to work quietly with ISPs to find solutions that everyone can live with. However, the trade group isn’t yet willing to make some sort of major announcement about who’s involved. We do know that AT&T has signed on and begun forwarding notices, however, as CNET recently reported. And Cox and Comcast are also involved in forwarding infringement letters to customers. But there’s (a lot) less here than the RIAA would like.

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