Theft of Website Code

8 04 2009

Dear Rich: A competitive website stole my website design and code. Their site looks nearly exactly like mine except that they changed the colors. They even have my programmer’s comments in their HTML. It took me weeks to come up with a unique and professional-looking design that I was happy with, and I coded my site entirely by hand. I’m so angry about this. They’re basically using my hard work to attract customers… and even taking some business that I could be getting as we offer the same service! I wrote to them, but they’re ignoring my emails. Would this constitute an infringement? Is there anything, short of a lawsuit, that I could do to make them change their website design?

I’m so glad you asked. The short answers are: (1) it is probably an infringement; and (2) if they are blowing off your letters, they will most likely not stop unless you hire an attorney (and even then, there are no guarantees).


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