MPAA: teachers should videotape monitors, not rip DVDs

7 05 2009

The Motion Picture Association of America has put itself back into the limelight as the DMCA exemptions hearings wraps up, thanks to a video circulating online suggesting teachers should use camcorders to record video instead of ripping DVD clips for classroom use. Though this suggestion has been floating around for some time now, the MPAA’s attempt to push such a convoluted (and more costly) process into the classroom only highlights the industry’s desperation to keep people away from DVD ripping—even when what they’re doing falls into the category of fair use.

The video, posted on Vimeo, is actually of MPAA execs showing another video (meant to instruct teachers) to the US Copyright Office. The MPAA was showing the video as part of the triennial DMCA exemptions review, when all sides of the copyright debate whip out as much ammo as they can in an attempt to get the law extended to allow certain behaviors (or disallow, as the case may be) for the next three years.

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