Copyleft v. Copyright: FSF, RIAA face off in court

21 05 2009

In one corner, the Free Software Foundation, headed by bearded guru (and sometime songwriter) Richard “I don’t use a Web browser” Stallman. In the other, the recording industry, where beards only exist as wispy examples of hipster irony (unless you’re Kenny Rogers) and where the songwriting skills are (slightly) better. What would happen if the two groups ever met in court over a file-sharing case? Now we know.

The FSF has weighed in on the highly-publicized Joel Tenenbaum case, where a graduate student stands accused of sharing copyrighted music files for years on P2P networks. Tenenbaum is defended by Harvard Law professor Charles Nesson, but the Free Software Foundation has also shoved its oar into the water and is paddling around a bit, trying to make some waves.

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