Seventh Lawsuit Over Google AdWords–Jurin v. Google

6 07 2009

By Eric Goldman

Jurin v. Google, Inc., CV 09-03934 (C.D. Cal. complaint filed June 2, 2009)

Substantively, this complaint isn’t materially different from the others. The plaintiff owns a trademark in the term “Styrotrim” for building materials, competitors are buying the term for competitive keyword ads, and Google is suggesting the purchase through its keyword suggestion tool. As with most of the other lawsuits, the plaintiff also alleges consumer confusion about the distinction between sponsored links and organic search results.

The six other AdWords-related lawsuits I’m tracking. If you think I’ve missed any, I’d be grateful for the reference.

* Rescuecom v. Google
* FPX v. Google
* John Beck Amazing Profits v. Google
* Stratton Faxon v. Google (this wasn’t a trademark case last I checked)
* Soaring Helmet v. Bill Me
* Ascentive v. Google

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