Apple drops legal threats against wiki operator—for now

22 07 2009

Apple has officially backed off from legal threats made against OdioWorks, the operator of a wiki that hosted pages discussing how users might use an iPod with non-Apple media software. The company sent a letter to the Electronic Frontier Foundation (which was representing OdioWorks in its legal case against Apple) earlier this month stating that the company had chosen to withdraw its takedown notifications. As a result, OdioWorks is also dropping its lawsuit against Apple, though this issue may not lay dormant for long.

BluWiki, like most wiki platforms, is open to the public for the purpose of sharing information. The site is noncommercial and doesn’t run ads, and depends on its users to edit and publish articles on a wide variety of topics. Some of those topics cover how to use an iPod or iPhone with third-party software—something not possible under Apple’s normal product restrictions.

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