Google Goes on Offensive in AdWords Trademark Lawsuit–Google v. John Beck Amazing Profits

3 08 2009

By Eric Goldman

Google, Inc v. John Beck Amazing Profits, LLC, C09 03459 (N.D. Cal. complaint filed July 27, 2009). [Warning: 1.4MB file] The Justia page.

A couple of interesting developments in John Beck Amazing Profits v. Google, the putative nationwide trademark owner class action lawsuit against Google over AdWords.

First, as of last week, the plaintiff had not served the complaint on Google even though it’s been on file for over 2 months. I’m not sure what’s the hold-up, but in my limited experience, delays in serving an already-filed complaint are often a leading indicator of a troubled lawsuit.

Second, last week Google sued the individual named plaintiff in that case, John Beck Amazing Profits, for both a declaratory judgment that AdWords doesn’t infringe plus a breach of contract claim that the lawsuit filing breached the AdWords contract provision requiring any AdWords-related lawsuit to be brought in California. Going on the offensive against a plaintiff is characteristic of Google’s litigation strategy; Google often tries to turn the tables on its litigation opponents. In this case, a major goal for Google surely is to get the case out of the Eastern District of Texas, which has been a dangerous venue for patent defendants.


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