Nursing Student’s Blog Post Doesn’t Support Expulsion–Yoder v. University of Louisville

12 08 2009

By Eric Goldman

Yoder v. University of Louisville, 2009 WL 2406235 (W.D. Ky. Aug. 3, 2009). Yoder’s initial complaint.

Nina Yoder was a University of Louisville nursing student. She posted a blog post to MySpace entitled “How I Witnessed the Miracle of Life” that describes her first-hand observations from a school assignment to go watch a patient-mother giving birth. The blog post now appears to be set to private, but you can see a PDF of it, and the opinion quotes the full text for your reading pleasure. This blog post and the resulting imbroglio sparked a lot of discussion. For more background, see this page with some of the source correspondence (and over 100 comments) and this thread from a nursing students’ blog with about 250 comments.


An update on Yoder’s saga from the Chronicle of Higher Education.

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