RIAA continues to squeeze Tenenbaum, wants injunction

2 09 2009

The gloves are coming off. Although the RIAA already won a $675,000 judgment against student Joel Tenenbaum over 30 songs shared on P2P networks, the recording industry has a fixation with going the extra mile against infringers. It is asking courts to issue injunctions against repeated infringement for both Tenenbaum and Jammie Thomas-Rasset, the only other file-sharing defendant to go to trial in the US.

In a new filing with the Massachusetts federal court, RIAA lawyers rail against Tenenbaum’s “repeated lies and continued infringement,” saying that “it is likely Defendant will continue to infringe and/or act in concert with others in committing online copyright infringement of Plaintiffs’ sound recordings, especially given that he is currently promoting the online copyright infringement by countless others.”

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