Website Gets 230 Immunity Despite Claim of Site Content Accuracy–Milo v. Martin

30 04 2010

By Eric Goldman

Milo v. Martin, 2010 WL 1708895 (Tex. App. Ct. April 29, 2010)

This case involves allegedly defamatory “guestbook” messages posted by unknown users to a website entitled “The Watchdog.” Framed like that, the precedent says the website should get an easy and uncontroversial 47 USC 230 dismissal (and IMO Rule 11 sanctionable).

The plaintiffs try to get around 230 by citing The Watchdog’s first page, which contained the following statements:

* 47 USC 230 and Consumer Protection Talk Notes
* 47 USC 230 Talk at Fordham
* Ninth Circuit Mucks Up 47 USC 230 Jurisprudence….AGAIN!?–Barnes v. Yahoo


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