Judge Kocoras Cuts Down $11MM Award Against Spamhaus to $27,000 — e360 v. Spamhaus

15 06 2010

[Post by Venkat]

e360 Insight, LLC v. The Spamhaus Project, (N.D. Ill June 11, 2010)

e360 v. Spamhaus is one of these cases that’s been around so long it feels like an old friend. A few years ago, e360 got some press for winning an eleven million dollar damage award against Spamhaus. In a less heralded development, following a bench trial on damages, last week a district judge modified e360’s damage award down to only $27,000 on its tortious interference and defamation claims. I’m not sure what it is about spam that spawns wasteful litigation, but this is yet another example of a lengthy spam dispute which consumed a lot of resources but which ultimately ended with a whimper.


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