Charlie Chaplin, Copyright Infringement, and an Adorable Ten Year Old Girl

2 08 2010

It has happened again.  This is the third person under the age of 20 we’ve blogged about where a large corporation sues or demands payment for trademark/copyright infringement.  First, we blogged about the North Face/South Butt dispute.  Then the McDonalds/McFest dispute.  And now, it’s Charlie Chaplin and the Bourne Music Co.

Ten-year-old Bethany Hare dressed up like the legendary comic to star in her own video tribute.  Bethany used her own savings, made from playing an extra in a play, to pay for the film. . . .

It brought in £1,800 for the charity but copyright owner Marco Berrocal, of New York-based Bourne Music Publishers, emailed her parents demanding money for use of the song.

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