Motorola, TiVo, Latest Tech Heavies to Wage Patent Battle

3 03 2011

We don’t know if there’s a fancy “Moore’s Law”-like name for the phenomenon, but sure as the day is long, it true: The more successful a new technology product is, the greater the likelihood it’s going to get its pants sued off for patent infringement.

It’s happened to all the name-brand juggernauts throughout the years: Apple, Microsoft, Intel.

And it’s also happened to TiVo. The company got slapped with yet another infringement suit on Friday afternoon. This one, filed in federal district court in Texas, came courtesy of Motorola, which claimed TiVo infringed its patents for digital video recorders.

Click here for the WSJ story; here for the Bloomberg story; here for the complaint, filed by Motorola’s lawyers at DLA Piper.


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