Mixed DMCA Online Safe Harbor Ruling in Cloud-Based Music Locker Case–Capitol v. MP3Tunes

1 06 2012

By Eric Goldman

Capitol Records, Inc. v. MP3Tunes, LLC, 2011 WL 3667335 (SDNY Aug. 22, 2011).

Background. This case involves MP3Tunes.com and Sideload.com. MP3Tunes is a music storage locker. Small lockers are free, but more storage is available at a price. The system doesn’t store redundant copies; if the system recognizes an identical bit stream coming from a second user, it just records the hashtag. Sideload is a music search engine that lets users find free music on the Internet. (It was also a browser plug-in). If users find a music file they like, they can “sideload” the music file into their MP3Tunes’ locker as a personal archive copy. MP3Tunes’ database tracks the sources of these personally archived files.

Reminder: in case you missed it, I recently caught up on 4 months worth of online copyright rulings, including several addressing the same or similar issues as this case.

Other comments on this ruling: Techdirt, EFF, CNET News.com


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