Using Links as Citations Helps Gizmodo Defeat a Defamation Claim–Redmond v. Gawker Media

13 08 2012

By Eric Goldman

Redmond v. Gawker Media LLC, 2012 WL 3243507 (Cal. App. Ct. August 10, 2012) published an article, Smoke & Mirrors: The Greatest Scam in Tech, about Redmond’s venture, Peep Telephony. In addition to using the word “scam” in the title, the article had lots of denigrating things to say about Peep and about Redmond’s prior initiatives. (The opinion lays out the beefs, although some of the hot spots are apparent from a quick review of the initial article). Gizmodo subsequently published Redmond’s rebuttals. Later, Redmond apparently decided the revuttal wasn’t enough and asked Gizmodo to remove both articles, which Gizmodo declined to do. Redmond then sued Gizmodo’s parent Gawker Media for defamation. In this ruling, we see the power of anti-SLAPP statutes, as Redmond will owe a check to Gawker for his lawsuit.


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