Judge strips 13 patent claims from Motorola suit v. Microsoft

10 02 2013

A patent battle between Microsoft and Google-owned Motorola Mobility was brought one step closer to resolution this week when a US District Court judge threw out 13 of the patent claims Motorola made in the case.

It is far from a crippling blow to Motorola, however. Judge James Robart of US District Court in Seattle is tasked with deciding what is a “fair and reasonable” rate for the license fees Microsoft should pay Motorola for use of patents tied to H.264 video and Wi-Fi standards. Microsoft proposed a payment of $1.21 million per year to Motorola, but Motorola demanded 2.25 percent of the sale price of Windows PCs and Xbox 360s, which Microsoft has said could amount to billions. While Motorola sued Microsoft for patent infringement, Microsoft also sued Motorola for not meeting its obligation to license standards-essential patents at fair and reasonable rates, leading to multiple court cases being consolidated into one.


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