Amazon’s Merchandising of Its Search Results Doesn’t Violate Trademark Law (Forbes Cross-Post)

21 03 2013

By Eric Goldman

Multi Time Machine, Inc. v., 2013 WL 638888 (C.D. Cal. Feb. 20, 2013).  The complaint.

No retailer does a better job of cross-selling to its customers than ($AMZN).  Amazon is quite effective at exposing customers to complementary—and competitive—goods along with the products a customer initially considers.  Many of us have had the experience of going to Amazon to buy one thing but checking out with a huge shopping cart of items that we didn’t initially seek—or even know were available.  Amazon’s merchandising often benefits Amazon’s customers, but trademark owners who lose sales to their competition due to it aren’t as thrilled.  Fortunately for Amazon, a California federal court recently upheld Amazon’s merchandising practices in its internal search results.


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