When a gaming actress’ nude images leak, who should take the legal blame?

24 10 2013
A censored version of one of the leaked images, which shows a pre-existing shower scene from a much more revealing angle.



When nude images of Jodie Holmes, actress Ellen Page’s character from Beyond: Two Souls, began appearing on the Internet a few weeks ago (courtesy of a repositioned shower-scene camera running on debug hardware) we thought the story was a little too tabloidy to cover. This kind of embarrassing, tawdry celebrity gossip is pretty common in the entertainment industry, even if it’s relatively rare in video games particularly. Scandals revolving around supposedly inaccessible adult content in games aren’t completely unheard of, though; remember GTA: San AndreasHot Coffee?

But when reports surfaced earlier this week that Sony was making vague legal threats in an effort to remove those images from the Internet, our news ears started perking up a little.


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