Perfect 10 Gets a Surprising Partial Sumary Judgment in 512 Case–Perfect 10 v. Yandex

24 11 2013

By Eric Goldman

Perfect 10, Inc. v. Yandex N.V., 2013 WL 1899851 (N.D.Cal. May 7, 2013)

Thus, it’s a little disorienting/surprising to see Perfect 10 win anything in court, even if it’s a small preliminary ruling. Perfect 10’s target in this lawsuit is Yandex, the Dutch company operating the leading Russian search engine. In this ruling, the parties are wrangling over Yandex’s ability to qualify for the 512 safe harbors.

Consistent with its past (and IMO unnecessarily sloppy) practices, Perfect 10 didn’t send a prototypical 512(c)(3) notice. Instead, one takedown notice it sent consisted of:


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