Vermont Enacts The Nation’s First Anti-Patent Trolling Law (Forbes Cross-Post)

24 11 2013

By Eric Goldman

Efforts to crack down on patent trolling are escalating.  Just a couple of years ago, Congress passed a major amendment of the Patent Act (the America Invents Act) with the hope that it would curb some abusive patent assertions.   Some members of Congress aren’t satisfied with the results of that amendment, so three different bills (the SHIELD Act, the Patent Quality Improvement Act and the End Anonymous Patents Act) have been introduced that would further restrict patent trolling [note: since I initially wrote this, the number has grown to 5].  While most folks are focusing on the Congressional debates, Vermont quietly enacted a first-in-the-nation law to combat patent trolling.  It’s not clear whether Vermont has the legal authority to regulate patent activities, but even if not, its efforts foreshadow a coming legislative crackdown on patent trolls.


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