More Confirmation That Google Has Won the AdWords Trademark Battles Worldwide (Forbes Cross-Post)

26 11 2013

By Eric Goldman

I’ve repeatedly asserted that the trademark battles over keyword advertising are near the end.  As further evidence of that, recently Google ($GOOG) liberalized its international trademark policy for advertising via AdWords.   Previously, Google allowed trademark owners to block advertisers from bidding on their trademarks in Australia, Brazil, China, Hong Kong, Macau, New Zealand, South Korea, and Taiwan.  Now, Google has reversed its policy in those countries, meaning that (as Google told me) “Google will no longer restrict advertisers from bidding against trademark keywords, worldwide.”  (Google had previously liberalized its trademark policy in most other countries in 2010).  Google will maintain regional differences in restrictions on when trademark owners can block their trademarks from appearing in the ad copy.


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