Hotfile settles MPAA copyright case, agrees to $80 million in damages

5 12 2013

Six days before movie studios were set to begin a jury trial over alleged copyright violations by the “cyberlocker” site Hotfile, the case has settled. Hotfile has agreed to pay $80 million and to stop operating “unless it employs copyright filtering technologies that prevent infringement,” according to a press release sent out today by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA).

The MPAA represents America’s major movie studios, which sued Hotfile over copyright violations in 2011. The case was finally teed up for a trial that was to begin next Monday, December 9. A Friday order by US District Judge Kathleen Williams settled a variety of pre-trial issues, including a ban on MPAA lawyers using “pejorative” terms like “piracy” or “theft.”



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