Jury trial concludes: Apple slaps down patent troll’s $94M demand

28 11 2014
A San Jose jury has handed up a verdict [PDF] finding that Apple does not infringe two patents owned by GPNE Corp., a patent-holding company that has licensed its patents to more than 20 other large companies.

While the jury found that Apple did not infringe a variety of patent claims, it found the two patents at issue, numbered 7,570,954 and 7,792,492, to be valid. The patents describe network communication technology, and they were issued in 2009 and 2010. Both are “continuation” patents, based upon other continuation patents, which stretch back to an original 1994 patent filing.

Essentially, the GPNE claims are from pager-era patents that the company tried to use to extract royalty payments from iPhones and iPads.


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