Microsoft and Samsung settle Android patent royalties dispute

18 02 2015

Microsoft and Samsung have settled their six-month-long dispute over Android patent royalties. The two companies posted identical statements on their respective blogs today, saying:

“Samsung and Microsoft are pleased to announce that they have ended their contract dispute in U.S. court as well as the ICC arbitration. Terms of the agreement are confidential.” – Samsung’s Jaewan Chi, Executive Vice President and Global Legal Affairs & Compliance Team and Microsoft’s David Howard, Corporate Vice President and Deputy General Counsel.

The disagreement stems from a seven-year patent cross-licensing deal that the two tech giants made in 2011. The deal gave Samsung’s Android phones patent protection from Microsoft, but the company had to pay Microsoft over $1 billion a year.

Samsung took issue with the contract when Microsoft bought Nokia’s Devices division—which it said was a violation of the agreement—and withheld payments. Microsoft disagreed, and filed a lawsuit.


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