WikiLeaks publishes e-mail from CIA director’s hacked AOL account

20 11 2015


October 21, 2015

Joe Mullin

WikiLeaks has released a cache of e-mails which the site says were retrieved from CIA Director John Brennan’s AOL account.

The e-mails include Brennan’s SF86, a form that he had to fill out to get his current position and security clearance. The form, from 2008, “reveals a quite comprehensive social graph of the current Director of the CIA with a lot of additional non-governmental and professional/military career details,” according to WikiLeaks’ description of the document.

The published materials also include Brennan’s recommendations to the US President about how to manage affairs related to Iran and a letter from Senator Kit Bond, vice-chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, that details how to “make future interrogation methods ‘compliant’ and ‘legal,'” WikiLeaks states.


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