A patent conversation with Mark Cuban

4 12 2015


November 10, 2015

Gene Quinn

Cuban is no stranger to the patent policy debate, and has gone on the record numerous times – including here on IPWatchdog.com – explaining that he thinks software patents should be abolished. In fact, in 2012 Cuban donated $250,000to the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) to create a position known as the Mark Cuban Chair to Eliminate Stupid Patents.

Recently Cuban has joined the discussion on IPWatchdog.com, commenting on a number of articles written relating to his activities and views (see herehere and here). I invited Cuban to do an interview for publication and he agreed to do an e-mail interview. On Monday, November 9, 2015, I e-mailed Cuban the questions. He turned around his answers almost immediately and even solicited follow-up questions. I sent him a few follow-up questions, which he responded to on Tuesday, November 10, 2015. Those follow-up questions and answers have been weaved into the Q&A where topically appropriate.


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