Protecting Intellectual Property Throughout Its Lifecycle

4 12 2015

Trade Secrets Law

November 5, 2015

Guest Author for Trade Secrets Law

As a special feature of our blog—special guest postings by experts, clients, and other professionals—please enjoy this blog entry from Stroz Friedberg, a global leader of cybersecurity, investigations and risk management. The firm recently launched Strategic Intellectual Property Protection Services (SIPPS), an offering Stroz Friedberg designed to help companies best handle intellectual property throughout its lifecycle.

-Robert Milligan, Editor of Trading Secrets

Across industries ranging from pharma to entertainment to electronics, the success of an organization is often directly tied to its intellectual property. However, many companies don’t effectively determine whether their products or internally developed solutions constitute protected intellectual property until there is a need for enforcement action.

It’s better (and easier) for a company to identify its intellectual property and trade secrets at the outset than it is for a company to retrofit its intellectual property and trade secrets to a bad event. Waiting until intellectual property is misappropriated delays enforcement, and is generally less successful overall than defining intellectual property early on. After identification, it is also important for an organization continually to evaluate how it safeguards its intellectual property. If a company proactively identifies and protects its trade secrets, enforcement efforts, if necessary, will prove much easier—even more so when a detailed response plan is already in place.


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