RIAA takes on stream-ripping in copyright lawsuit targeting YouTube-mp3

31 10 2016
The Recording Industry Association of America, the British Recorded Music Industry, and other industry lobbyists have sued one of the world’s leading websites. They say that Youtube-mp3.org facilitates copyright infringement by enabling so-called stream-ripping for the masses.

Stream-ripping on YouTube-mp3.org essentially works like this: input a YouTube music video URL into a field on the site, press “convert video,” and minutes later you have a fresh download of the music on the video.

The suit comes as the music industry is hoping that paid streaming services could fuel the resurgence of an industry that has barely grown the past five years. Youtube-mp3.org works using links YouTube Red, a paid service that strips ads. The RIAA, the BPI, and other industry groups are none too happy about that. Youtube-mp3.org makes money via advertising on its landing page. Cary Sherman, chairman and CEO of the RIAA, said the following:


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