Apple’s $120M jury verdict against Samsung destroyed on appeal

18 01 2017
Apple’s second high-profile patent win against Samsung was appealed, just as the first was. In an opinion (PDF) published today, a panel of appeals judges entirely wiped out Apple’s victory, along with its $120 million verdict.

The decision found that out of three different patent Apple became famous for winning with, one wasn’t infringed, and two of them are invalid.

The ‘647 patent described how to turn phone numbers and other software “structures” into links, allowing users to take actions like calling a number with one “click” rather than copying and pasting. The jury awarded Apple $98.7 million based on that patent, but the appeals judges today held that the patent wasn’t infringed at all. They held that “Apple failed to prove, as a matter of law, that the accused Samsung products use an ‘analyzer server’ as we have previously construed that term.”


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