Melania Loses Defamation Lawsuit on Jurisdiction Grounds–Trump v. Tarpley

7 02 2017

As we know, our president frequently threatens defamation lawsuits, only occasionally delivers on those threats (remember the guarantee to sue the women who accused him of sexual assault?), sometimes brings SLAPPs when he does actually sue for defamation (remember when he sued a book author because “it will cost him a lot of money”?), and is more likely to be a defamation defendant than plaintiff–though he is defamation-resistant because, according to one judge, no one actually believes what he says.

His wife Melania, in contrast, keeps a lower profile, both in the public eye and in court, so it caught my attention when Melania brought a defamation lawsuit. She sued a blogger, Webster Griffin Tarpley, for defamation. He blogged several rumors about Melania but later retracted the post (presumably under legal threats). He got sued anyway. Separately, Mail Media Inc. (MMI), which allegedly runs the MailOnline website, published an article reporting on similar rumors. They too retracted the post and got sued anyway.

Case citation: Trump v. Tarpley, Case No. 424492V (Md. Cir. Ct. Feb. 1, 2017). The complaint.


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