Court Rejects Gossip Site’s Fair Use Defense–Barcroft v. Coed Media

30 11 2017

This is a copyright lawsuit by owners of celebrity photos against a gossip and entertainment website. It’s noteworthy because it went to trial and the plaintiffs prevailed, but the damage award is modest.

The court finds that plaintiffs owns or validly acquires various celebrity and public interest photos—in this case photos of Salma Hayek, Amanda Bynes, Selena Gomez, Zooey Deschanel, and others. The defendant runs a range of pop culture websites that receive approximately four million unique users per month. Apparently, the defendant has lost money every month but one.

Case citation: Barcroft Media v. Coed Media Group, 2017 US Dist LEXIS 182024 (SDNY Nov. 2, 2017)


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