It’s Public Domain Day (with lists)

27 01 2020

Duke Law Center for the study of the Public Domain

Jennifer Jenkins

On January 1, 2020, works from 1924 will enter the US public domain,1 where they will be free for all to use and build upon, without permission or fee. . . These works were supposed to go into the public domain in 2000, after being copyrighted for 75 years. But before this could happen, Congress hit a 20-year pause button and extended their copyright term to 95 years.2

Now the wait is over. How will people celebrate this trove of cultural material? The Internet Archive will add . . . to its online library. HathiTrust will make tens of thousands of titles from 1924 available . . . Google Books will offer the full text of books from that year, . . . Community theaters can screen the films. Youth orchestras can afford to publicly perform the music. Educators and historians can share the full cultural record. Creators can legally build on the past . . .

Here are some of the works that will be entering the public domain in 2020. (To find more material from 1924, you can visit the Catalogue of Copyright Entries.)

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