Chinese pirates crack Blu-ray DRM, sell pirated HD discs

17 11 2008

A recent bust in China netted several hundred pirated HD discs ripped from Blu-ray masters. The discs were only 720p, not 1080p, but their mere existence shows that Blu-ray’s amped-up DRM schemes, AACS and BD+, won’t be enough to stop pirates.

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Copyright Alliance to Supremes: hit rewind on networked DVR

6 11 2008

The Copyright Alliance asks the Supreme Court to reconsider the legality of Cablevision’s network DVR. If distributors want to move the DVR out of the home and into the central office, they should pay for the privilege.

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The Pro-IP Act of 2008

5 11 2008

Daniel Wood, Staff Writer,

Earlier this month, President Bush signed into law a bill with incredibly broad implications for intellectual property.  The law, Prioritizing Resources and Organization for Intellectual Property (PRO-IP) Act of 2008, has been confused with a very similar bill by the same name, which began in the House.  To clarify the history of this new law, consider the following timeline of events:


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Amended FDL will allow Wikipedia to adopt CC license

4 11 2008

GNU has amended the Free Documentation License so that Wikipedia can migrate to the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license. Although the new FDL terms give Wikipedia more flexibility, the license still fails to address the broader compatibility problems between the two licenses.

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RIAA defendant enlists Harvard Law prof, students

29 10 2008

Another file-sharing case is moving to trial, but the defendant has recently picked up some powerful allies: a Harvard Law prof and his class of students. Together, they argue that the entire underpinnings of the RIAA campaign are flawed and unconstitutional.

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Australia’s Internet filter: could legal content be banned, too?

28 10 2008

Australia’s government-mandated Internet filtering system won’t allow users to opt out of a filtering tier that targets “illegal” material. But a conservative party is already suggesting that legal material be added to the mandatory tier.

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Will record labels control digital-music lockers?

27 10 2008

October 22, 2008 4:00 AM PDT
Posted by Greg Sandoval

A fitting anthem for Michael Robertson these days would be The Rolling Stones’ hit, Get Off of My Cloud.

For nearly a decade, Robertson, the often controversial cofounder of and Linspire, has toiled to store music in the cloud, the term used to describe the seemingly limitless amount of data and services accessible with a Web browser. But in the past, Robertson’s efforts have led him into epic legal battles with the music industry. That’s where he finds himself once again. In November, EMI filed a copyright suit against him and his music service,


Forecast: Legal P2P uses growing 10x faster than illegal ones

22 10 2008

As video distribution companies take to the Internet and try to keep costs down, they are discovering P2P’s legal uses. However it’s delivered, though, online video could force major ISPs to rethink pay-TV business models.

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No cake (but plenty of lawsuits) on Global Antipiracy Day

21 10 2008

Microsoft has declared today, October 21, to be Global Antipiracy Day. The company is kicking things off with educational initiatives and enforcement actions in 49 countries, including 20 civil lawsuits here in the US. It’s a fiesta!

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EA’s DRM, arrogance may cause gamers to skip good titles

15 10 2008

EA’s DRM practices have led many gamers to boycott the company’s entire line of games, and an arrogant and dismissive attitude from the company’s CEO isn’t helping. Sadly, EA’s has many good games in the pipeline that are caught in the crossfire.

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