September 2008 Quick Links, Part 1 (Special Trademarks/Domain Names Edition)

13 10 2008

By Eric Goldman

For some reason, September was an unusually busy Cyberlaw month, so I’m going to have at least 3 installations of my quick links series. This post focuses just on trademark- and domain name-related items from last month.

* Dozier Internet Law v. Riley. The Dozier Internet Law Firm is at it again. I last blogged about John Dozier for his claim that websites infringe copyright by republishing cease-and-desist letters. Now, he’s suing for trademark infringement because, among other things, a website put the Dozier law firm’s name into anchor text without the link going to the firm website. Fortunately, superstar trademark defense litigator Paul Levy of Public Citizen has taken up the matter and initiated a declaratory judgment lawsuit to stop the nonsense.


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