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14 10 2008

The European project EPIPAGRI has developed an IPR database in the field of agricultural biotechnology and related industry.

EPIPAGRI is a European project related to IP in the fields of agriculture science. It has developed a database specifically designed for searching and analysing IPR within the field of agricultural biotechnology and related industry (food, feed, fermentation etc). It is different from alternatives in that it not only provides powerful search options but also allows users to directly and instantly contact relevant IPR holders. In addition, technology offers can be included apart of the IP information.

Although the project is nearly finished, one of the partners (INRA) will develop and maintain the EPIPAGRI database.

Any public sector research organisation may freely register with EPIPAGRI and enter its IP/technology to be displayed in the EPIPAGRI database. Parties (whether public or private sector) seeking IP/technology are able to view the EPIPAGRI database and easily contact the person responsible for managing said IP/technology on behalf of the IP owner.

EPIPAGRI Web site http://www.epipagri.org/

EPIPAGRI categories:
1. Plant technologies
2. Animal technologies
3. Microbiologic technologies
4. Agro food technologies
5. Environnemental technologies
6. Green chemistry


  • IP Holders

    • You are a Technology Transfer Manager in public sector research organisations
    • You are seeking to partners and collaborate with other public IP holders in forming specific technology/ IP package
    • Then you are invited to become a contributor.
  • IP Users

    • You are in the private or public sector
    • You are looking for emerging innovations and IP for practical applications
    • Whether for commercial or public welfare purposes
    • Then you are invited to visit our database and to contact us for further collaboration.
  • EPIPAGRI provides access to a network of public IP holders and a Web-based database with analytical tools to assist the identification of complementary IP/technology packages.

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