Gettin’ sued, my friends.

5 11 2008

This is pretty interesting:

John McCain is being sued by Jackson Browne for copyright infringement and false endorsement because McCain used Browne’s song “Running on Empty” in a campaign ad slamming Obama without permission.

The McCain camp also received a cease-and-desist order after using Heart’s song “Barracuda” when McCain joined Sarah Palin onstage after her speech at the GOP convention.

McCain also pumped up audiences at rallies with the John Mellencamp song “Pink Houses,” again without permission (Mellencamp was an Edwards backer).

He also used “My Hero” by the Foo Fighters (love that song!) without permission and [shocker!] the Foo Fighters were none-too-happy and had this to say about it:

“It’s frustrating and infuriating that someone who claims to speak for the American people would repeatedly show such little respect for creativity and intellectual property. This isn’t the first time the McCain campaign has used a song without making any attempt to get approval or permission from the artist.”

Geez louise! You’d think they’d learn the first time.

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