“No End In Sight for Critical Viacom-YouTube DMCA Case”

10 12 2008

When Viacom sued YouTube in March 2007, it was clear the case would be hugely important. Not only was Viacom seeking damages in excess of $1 billion from Google’s newly acquired video portal, but a ruling on the lawsuit stood to change the particular reading of copyright laws on which every single user-generated site hinges: that is, hosts are not responsible for their users’ activity as long as they comply quickly with takedown requests from copyright holders.

But it’s coming up on two years later — now with 13 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute — and the Viacom-YouTube lawsuit is risking irrelevance by ceasing to move forward. And as was made all too clear to me today, the wheels won’t start turning again anytime soon. Even Viacom, which you’d think would have the most interest in pinning down its foe, doesn’t seem to be doing much of anything to speed things up.

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