Online Retailer’s Link to House Brand from Manufacturer’s Product Page Might Infringe–BabyAge v. Leachco

4 02 2009

By Eric Goldman, Inc. v. Leachco, Inc., 2009 WL 82552 (M.D. Pa. Jan. 12, 2009). The Justia page.

Welcome to the cutthroat world of pregnancy pillows. Leachco manufactures pregnancy pillows and has a patent on them. BabyAge is an online retailer of baby and maternity goods and sells pregnancy pillows, including Leachco’s pillows as well as the “Cozy Comfort,” BabyAge’s house-branded pillow.

Leachco asserted patent and trademark claims against BabyAge for the Cozy Comfort. The patent claims get tossed on summary judgment.


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