Report: ‘Net filtering won’t stop online extremism

10 03 2009

Like just about everyone else, political extremists with the potential for violence have gone online. Everything from diatribes by known terrorists to recruitment videos make their first appearances on websites, leading many, both in government and out, wondering how best to tackle the dangers that this material (and the people behind it) poses. A new study by the The International Centre For The Study Of Radicalisation And Political Violence (ICSR) has performed an analysis of the issues and released a report that suggests the best way to deal with the material may be to tackle the offline activities of those who produce it.

The ICSR is a joint project formed by an international coalition of academic institutions. The current report, however, is focused on the British experience, suggesting it was primarily the product of people based at King’s College, London. Although some of the material in the report is specific to the UK, a fair bit of it probably applies fairly generally to the experience in other nations.

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