“I thought it was a scam”: NH woman sued by RIAA

16 03 2009

Though the RIAA says it has stopped its large-scale litigation strategy against suspected file-swappers, the music trade group has decided that it will continue those cases that were already in process before last winter. When put this way, the whole process sounds antiseptic and rather boring, but it continues to affect real people like middle-aged New Hampshire woman Mavis Roy, who was baffled when the music labels accused her of sharing songs like “Real Niggaz,” “Jigga My Nigga,” and “Da Rockwilder” using BearShare. Unable to afford a lawyer, Roy was confused by the legal documents she received.

“I thought it was a scam and I was being pressured to send them money for something I have never done,” she eventually wrote the court in a letter.

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