TomTom fights Microsoft FAT32 lawsuit with suit of its own

20 03 2009

TomTom has responded in kind to a patent infringement lawsuit from Microsoft, accusing Microsoft of infringing on three of its patents related to the company’s in-car navigation software—ones that are different than those Microsoft has sued TomTom over. TomTom’s suit is just the latest in the spat between the two companies, though they may eventually agree to license the patents to each other in exchange for a mutual settlement.

The three patents that TomTom believes Microsoft has infringed upon are “Generating a Maneuver at the Intersection Through A Turn Lane” (5,902,350), “Route Generation in a Vehicle Navigation System” (5,938,720), and “Quick Selection of Destinations in an Automobile Navigation System” (6,660,994). Microsoft’s Streets and Trips software uses similar methods to generate its navigational directions, and TomTom says that Microsoft knowingly adapted TomTom’s patents in order to implement this functionality.

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