Don’t call it DRM: Microsoft explains new gaming piracy tech

24 03 2009

Tuesday at GDC Microsoft announced a number of upcoming additions to Games for Windows, including stronger protection against piracy, as well as some nifty features to make playing your PC games simpler if you have multiple systems. There will also be storefront support added so publishers can add sales directly into their game. Drew Johnston, the product unit manager for the Windows Gaming Platform, and Dave Luehmann, GM for Microsoft Game Studios, described to Ars what these updates will entail.

You can call it whatever you want—as long as you don’t call it DRM. “What we have is anti-piracy measures we’ve put in place. I wouldn’t quite categorize it as DRM,” Johnston tells Ars. “We have zero-day piracy protection—this helps reduce the leakage of IP before release. The bits are encrypted, and there is a one-time activation that checks to see if the game has been released or not, and we’ll send out a decrypt code so the game can be played.”

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