Online and anonymous: Swedish ISP won’t retain Internet data

16 04 2009

The Pirate Bay has always taken pains to store no data on its users and, as the verdict in its file-sharing trial draws near, at least one Swedish ISP is following suit. Jon Karlung, the head of ISP Bahnhof, says that his company won’t turn over any user data to authorities because it refuses to keep any log files. That decision is legal—for now.

Karlung is reacting to IPRED, the Intellectual Property Rights Enforcement Directive. The Swedish version of this European law went into effect on April 1, and it allows courts to force ISPs to turn over user data. The move stripped away the veil of anonymity that Swedish file-swappers have long enjoyed, leading to an immediate drop in Internet traffic and prompting people like Karlung to reiterate his decision to destroy user data.

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